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Marc Law Associates is a full-service law firm with a startup mindset...

Marc Law Associates (MLA) is a full-service law firm with a startup mindset. We recognize that one of the primary roadblocks for entrepreneurs is to receive comprehensive legal guidance. MLA offers outsourced general counsel service, handling all the daily legal work for emerging growth companies while cutting their cost. Our firm focuses on the most pressing legal challenges faced by business and individuals today. We service media and technology, corporate, real estate, probate clients, as well as settling their disputes.
Founded by Patrick Marc, MLA has two locations, one of which is located in Hell's Kitchen. The other is located in downtown New York City on Wall Street. The firm works with a broad range of individuals and businesses, including international businesses that want to either establish themselves or expand their businesses in NYC. Our goal is to provide outstanding legal service and quality client service in the most efficient way possible. We are a client-focused law firm structured to provide emerging growth companies with all the tools needed to operate successfully, becoming investment ready, while protecting its rights and interests.

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  • As a local business owner, my family and I were stunned when we found out that we were being hit with a lawsuit from our local cable provider.  Unsure if this was even a legitimate allegation, we sought out legal expertise from Patrick Marc.  During this unfortunate time, deciding on hiring Patrick was by far the best decision our family made, not only for the sake of our business, but even more so for our peace of mind. Even before the retainer fee went out, our initial consultation with Patrick set our minds at ease.  He exuded dedication to our issue and a vast knowledge of the law, which made it a no brainer to move forward with him.

    For me personally, legal jargon is a completely foreign language; Patrick took the time out to explain, and re-explain everything in a way that I could truly understand, which allowed myself and my family to make  decisions that we felt 100% comfortable with. Throughout negotiations, our family had a tremendous amount of questions and concerns; all to which Patrick addressed with grace, confidence and professionalism.  Every step of the way, Patrick kept us apprised of all our options.

    Any signs of doubt that our family had, was quickly replaced with confidence after working with Patrick. We put our trust in him, and he delivered.

    Compassion, availability, responsiveness, results oriented.  Patrick Marc.  Look no further.

    Laurie T.